Orthopedic Forged Components

KMPL with in-house expertise of over 5 decades & Kalyani group ruling over forging industry, Kalyani Medicomp manufacture the world class quality Orthopedic Forged Components. KMPL is positioning as a global contract manufacturer suppling Orthopedic Forged components domestically as well as internationally majorly hip stem , acetabular cup, tibial components, femoral components with technology readiness for near to net shape.

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Metal Injection Moulding (MIM)

KMPL with its MIM expertise manufactures micro components which do have extremely fine detailing required from functional aspect of the product but which are very difficult to manufacture via other manufacturing process. Also KMPL has scope of variety of raw materials in which variety of micro and macro components can be made specific to customer’s requirements.

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3D Printing

Along with the Forging & MIM technology product, KMPL provides 3D printing technology hand to its customers too which can be used as bulk manufacturing of low volume medical components which may not be viable through any other manufacturing process. 3D printing avoids the tool investments for low volume production. 3D printing offers added advantage of printing prototype products which can be used for design validation, fit & functional tests, etc. before going ahead for mass production.

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Machining Products

Along with all the in-house technologies, KMPL has expertise in manufacturing of machined products especially the products in which the features need to be machined to get the precision and accuracy for the desired specification.

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Manufacturing Capabilities

We never compromise on quality and always focus on churning out products of topmost pedigree into the market. With state-of-the-art facilities and excellent infrastructure, we are trying our very best to serve our customers to the best of our abilities.

  • MIM
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Kalyani Medicomp Pvt. Ltd. is a tender organization into manufacturing of Medical components established in 2019 as a direct subsidiary of Bharat Forge and Kalyani Techno Forge (USD – 3 Billion Group).

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Innovation at the core

MD's Message

The head honcho MD of Kalyani Technoforge ltd. his youthful appearance will defy his age and experience. He has an awe-inspiring presence and clearly stands out from the crowd.

Having an astounding experience of 28 years in the automotive, forging, and heat treatment industry, he has always worked in key positions with quite a few companies. He has Bachelors’ Degree in Metallurgy from the Government College of Engineering of Pune, India and also holds an M.S in Manufacturing Systems Engineering from the University of Warwick - one of the UK’s leading universities.

Ravi Nagarkar

Managing Director

The Kalyani Conglomerate has a presence in more than 5 countries with 6+ warehouses around the globe. At Kalyani Medicomp, we'r truly on our way to making an incredible remark in medical sector.

  • India

    Kalyani MediComp Pvt Ltd. Pune India


    Bharat Forge Kilsta - Sweden


    Bharat Forge Aluminum Technik - Germany

    Bharat Forge CDP GMBH Germany & Bharat Forge Daun Germany


    Mecanique Generale Langroise - France

  • USA

    Bharat Forge PMT Technologies LLC Tennessee

    Bharat Forge Aluminum INC. North Carolina


Old technology legacy


Contract manufacturers


In the world having MIM 3D Printing and Forging under one Roof


Domestic as well as Export Market


07Jan 2022


"This is indeed a very delightful, Happy & Joyous moment for entire KTFL family"
We thank the panel for this BUSINESS INNOVATION AWARD in the category of Award for Excellence in manufacturing Practices, which is another milestone in our journey! This is indeed an another feature in KTFL Crown, which is already shining with bunch of awards like JIPM, TPM & Others.
Our organisation is continuously thriving towards advanced manufacturing initiatives, innovations, Industry 4.0 which makes us shine apart from others.

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