E-Toilet Project

In correlation with Project Vidya and analysis of girls students data studying in schools specially after class 7th, Kalyani Transmission Technology initiated the project to improve sanitation facilities for girl students at schools. E-Toilet project has been started with a pledge that each child should get a proper sanitation facility at school and unavailability of toilet at school should not be the reason behind any girl dropping out from school. Kalyani Transmission Technology Management also wanted to ensure that toilets build at school should be self-sustainable and should need minimum human intervention for cleaning. To achieve this objective Kalyani Transmission Technology partnered with Kalyani Cleantech, which manufactures E-Toilet. E-Toilets means electronically managed toilets. These toilets units have sensor based system for automatic flushing and cleaning. Till now Kalyani Transmission Technology has donated 13 Nos. of e-Toilet units at schools situated near Kalyani Transmission Technology plant locations of Khed, Mundhwa, Jejuri, Chakan, and Ranjangaon.