Short validation times and high speed deliveries are the need of the hour in today’s fast moving world. We offer rapid prototyping services through our excellent R&D and end-to-end process Design capabilities including 3D Printing, MIM & Forging. Our turnaround time can be as quick as 10 days depending on the requirement.


In current fast moving world of technology, demand for rapid prove-out of the products is ever increasing. To match the pace of customer and assist them in reducing the validation time, KMPL offers rapid proto typing service to its valued customers through its 3D printing and MIM capabilities.
KMPL, having the capabilities and in-house facilities for 3D Printing, MIM, Forging versatile options are available for rapid prove out of parts via. Rapid proto typing. Considering all above options proto typing can be done as quick within 10 days depending upon the nature of parts to be developed.

Advantages of Rapid Prototyping as follows:

  • Reduction or Elimination of tool cost
  • Quick release of products for end-to-end process Design and functional validation
  • Reduced development time
  • Reduced cost of development
  • Quick iteration support in case of end-to-end process Design change.

Rapid Proto typing facilities:

  • 3D printing
  • MIM - Single cavity insert method
  • MIM - Baby moulds with different components
  • MIM Standard Multi cavity Mould – Production Tool


KMPL, with an aim to be self-contained in every aspect, has a developed capability of end-to-end process Design and tool manufacturing in-house.
KMPL has variety setup of CAD CAM simulation softwares which we use for accurate end-to-end process Design of products & its tooling. KMPL’s simulation ability aids to determine the considerations for a product to be manufactured. With help of KMPL’s abilities each and every aspect of the dynamics of the product manufacturing process is taken into consideration and this helps to understand the modes of failures which are possible to happen during the development. Understanding the different aspects of the product and end-to-end process Design the process based on the considerations is one of the most adorable characteristic of our team to make the product development cycle hustle free.
One of the most important advantage of our simulation and end-to-end process Design capability is that with our capability we always tend to explore new possibilities in which the product can be developed thus providing customer a better solution with added benefits.
Based on the simulation outputs, product specifications & end-to-end process Design aspects tool manufacturing is done in-house for MIM as well as Forging. In-house tool end-to-end process Design capability serves as open platform for design flexibility and reduction in lead time for tool end-to-end process Design.

Some of the tools in KMPL’s simulation and end-to-end process Design aids – Group Capabilities

  • a) AUTO-CAD
  • e) VERACAD
  • f) CREO
  • g) MOLDEX 3D


With a technology driven legacy of Kalyani Group, KMPL has varied capability for research and engineering along with reverse engineering. We as KMPL provide customers the support of reverse engineering which serves as an input to adopting new technology for conversion from conventional processing to MIM/3D/Forging.
With reverse engineering as a tool in the belt, we are able to figure out the application needs of the component thus providing the optimized solution with respect to process / RM consideration thus providing added benefits to the customer.

We at Kalyani Center for Technology Innovation have vast R&D setup to cater above needs. Some glimpses of engineering capabilities at a glance:
  • SEM Analysis
  • Rotating Bending Fatigue Testing
  • Creep Testing
  • Optical Microscopes for microscopic examination
  • Material Testing systems
  • Cleanliness Test, Millipore Testing
  • Software Aids
  • Material Flow testing
  • 3D Printing excellence and much more...


KMPL with help of in-house simulation and engineering expertise with cutting edge technology of MIM serves as medium of value addition to our customer. With help of MIM complex parts can be manufactured through a MIM process eliminating the numerous stages of processing required for manufacturing through conventional methods. Also with help of modern cutting edge technology, integration of various assembly parts / manufacturing processes into a single process is possible along with generation of minute detailing of the features over the parts. Thus providing value addition through soft as well as hard benefits to the customer simplifying the supply chain management.


Kalyani Medicomp hosts an in-house tool room facility which can develop tools for MIM as well as forgings at a rapid pace so as to aid faster developments of customer. In order to cater the requirements of complex and precise tools KMPL holds advance machinery capable of meeting the precision requirements.
KMPL with its in-house tool room facility as well as well sound vendor base for tool development, has advantage of assigning the priority to the tool development as per customer project timelines and criticalities ensuring the tool development is done without delay and as per timelines.
KMPL has all the operations required for tool development in-house so that the multiple operations during the tool development run in parallel reducing the tool development time.
Inspection of tool post manufacturing is also carried out with recommended methods like 3D scanning, CMM inspection, etc. to ensure tool manufacturing is done to required end-to-end process Design standards.

Advantages of in-house tool room facility:

  • Rapid tooling development
  • Better control over tool quality
  • Immediate support over tooling modifications as required / flexibility in modification of tool during trials

Advantages of in-house tool room facility:

  • VMC Milling Machines
  • Grinding Machines
  • EDM Machines
  • Wire Cut Machines