KMPL is a TPM practicing Company leading to achieve zero defect in-house & at customer end. Our Aim is To Establish Defect free manufacturing process where Quality is built into the manufacturing process leading to Consistent Product Performance and Quality into the hands of customer.
We aim at achieving operational excellence by practising QM Pillar, Proactive approach to achieve zero defect at manufacturing stage, High Customer Satisfaction, Quick response to the concerns, Implementation of prevention Poka Yoke for defects. We are not just Focusing on product Quality but also focus on establishment of process to achieve sustained product quality. We are having World class Inspection Capabilities and facilities for measurement and inspection, Meteorological as well as Metallurgical.
Our metallurgical experience and expertise combined with our skilled production Engineers and capabilities allows us to deliver precision in our End quality product. Our quality system guarantees full traceability, complete documentation of operations and associated controls as well as in-depth tests. Our facilities-Meteorological and Metallurgical Labs for inspection having world class machines/equipments with High skilled Inspectors for Inspection.

Quality Certifications

Our Quality Management system with strong Foundation driving the Processes to achieve Customer faith. We are ISO 13485 Certified Company adhering to medical industry quality requirements.
KMPL's approach towards quality follows several basic principles: strategic planning and leadership, a strong focus on the customer, fact-based management, continuous improvement, and total employee involvement. Our quality system, combined with a refined business system provides the fundamental structure for meeting and exceeding our customers’ needs and expectations. Because our ongoing improvement efforts focus on refining our processes and controls, we are able to provide the highest quality and service in the industry.
KMPL works actively to improve quality System. A comprehensive Quality Management System integrated to comply with ISO 13485 is followed to ensure that any product we produce will meet customer requirements with target of zero Customer Complaint. Best practice methodologies we are adapted throughout our company with the emphasis to provide the highest level of customer satisfaction and zero defects. These methodologies include 5S System, Kaizen Principles, Strategic Supplier Integration, and Total Productive Maintenance (TPM).

Quality Audits

Activities Carried out to target zero defect strategy is as follows-

RM Inspection
Stringent incoming inspection carried out on RM to ensure that the RM meets the quality standards with support of fully equipped metallurgical lab.
Lab Infrastructure as follows:
  • Hardness testers
  • Densitometer
  • Leco Carbon Analyser
  • Universal hardness Tester
  • Microstructure Analyser
  • UTM
In-process Inspection

In-process quality standards part perspective ensuring correct input part is offered to next processing ensuring end product results are OK.

It is core competence of KMPL to establish and maintain the process capabilities so that the products are produced within the acceptable limits.

KMPL has fully equipped inspection facility required for products with latest inspection equipments in the belt as tools to detect the quality standard.

Final Inspection

As a firewall to cross verify the processed parts out of efficient process techniques, parts are inspected at FI before packaging and dispatch to customer. Final inspection ensure double verification so that the care is taken that defects are not passed on to customer.

In order to facilitate accurate inspection the calibration of Variable as well as attribute gauging is carried out as per calibration plan and validity of the instruments is ensured.







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